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KB5 Performance Report For August 2016

It is the 1st of September and it is time for me to update the performance of my KB5 Strategy for the month of August 2016.

The purpose of posting this report is to inspire those of you who are still learning how to trade binary option. It is also to show you that it is really possible to make money from trading binary option yourself.

Stop believing in those robots or signals and start to learn how to trade manually yourself. Always remember, no one cares for your money more than yourself.

Below is an email from one of my students

testimonial august 1

testimonial august 2

testimonial august 3

Below is the screenshot of my account after withdrawal on the account on the 3rd August 2016


Below is the screenshot of my account before withdrawal on the 1st Sep 2016

before withdrawal

Below is the screenshot of my account after withdrawal on the 1st Sep 2016

after withdrawal

Below are the details of each trade taken

1st Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
1st Aug 2016 : Breakeven
2nd Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
2nd Aug 2016 : Win (+750)
2nd Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
3rd Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
3rd Aug 2016 : Lose (-$1,000)
4th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
5th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
8th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
9th Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
9th Aug 2016 : Lose (-$1,000)
9th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
9th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
9th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
10th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
12th Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
12th Aug 2016 : Win (+750)
16th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
17th Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
17th Aug 2016 : Lose (-$1,000)
18th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
21st Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
23rd Aug 2016 : Lose (-$500)
23rd Aug 2016 : Win (+750)
24th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
25th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
26th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
26th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
26th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
28th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
29th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
30th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
30th Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)
31st Aug 2016 : Win (+$375)

Profit & Loss KB5 Report For The Month of August 2016

Profits = $10,500
Losses = $6,000

Total Profit & Loss = $4,500

As for the rest of the profits I made are from the other strategies in my Binary Option Mastery Course.

These strategies that I teach in my Binary Option Mastery Course have been making me consistent profits for years and I strongly believe that my students will be able to make consistent profits like me if they use it.

You can take a look at my Binary Option Mastery Course and learn the exact strategies that I am using in my trading. Anyway this course comes with a 120% refund policy to take the risk off all the students.

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7 Responses to “KB5 Performance Report For August 2016”

  1. Janice says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Just wanna to thank you for sharing your strategies with us.

    I made $850 last month simply from your KB5 alone and I just trade for 1 hour every night as I have a day job.

    You are a great mentor

  2. Keith says:

    I bought your course last friday and today I already made 2 winning trades today.

    Your strategies really works and they are very simple to execute

  3. Kelvin says:

    Hi Janice

    No problem. There are really too many marketers out there who are trying to lure us traders into binary signal that do not work and that is why I decided to teach my strategies to help new traders make money from trading.

  4. Kelvin says:

    Hi Keith

    Remember to trade small first and do not ramp up too much after the win.

    You will only ramp up your trade size after your account grows.

    Trust me, just trade according to what I teach you and you will be able to grow your account fast.

  5. Alexis says:


    Just got 3 consecutive winning trades with your strategies.

    I bought your course last Friday and I can’t believe I can start making money with it so fast.

    Thanks for sharing your strategies

  6. Joselyn says:

    Hi Kelvin

    My sister recommend me to your website and I am glad to have found you.

    I have been trading binary option for 2 years and I have lost over $8,000 using the signal provided by various services.

    You are right, those are the works of marketers who simply generate random signal for us.

    I am going to learn from you this week

  7. Tim says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Great month as usual. I am now into my sixth consecutive months of profitable binary trading.

    All thanks to your strategies. I really love the simplicity of your strategies.


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