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How I Turn From Losing Position to Profits on the 5th Sep 2016

Actually I have only been posting the first trade or the first few trades for everyday of my trading but today, I decided to do something different after I get the first trade as a losing trades. I want to show you guys how I can slowly trade from a losing position to eventually making a profits.

Basically this is only possible because I have a set of reliable strategies on hand. If you are still trying to make money from binary trading simply by guessing your direction. Trust me, you will never get there. You will eventually get all your money wiped out.

The problem with most traders out there is they tend to treat binary trading as a get rich quick scheme as they are constantly exposed to ads by marketers who tend to exaggerate everything.

Binary trading is like all sort of trading such as stocks trading or currency trading, you will need to treat them like a pro so that you can make money like a pro.

Below is the screenshot of my account showing the first 4 trades of the day

binary 5th sept

For those of you who do not have a working strategy, you can take a look at the Trend Breakthru Strategy that I have shared with readers of this blog.

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