Does Repulsion of Bollinger Bands Really Works For Binary Option

I have seen numerous websites or YouTube videos teaching people to enter trades based on repulsion of Bollinger Bands but if you enter according to what they taught you, you will be doomed. These are techniques that are taught by marketers who are posing as binary option trader and as an experienced trader myself, watching these videos are like watching cartoon.

Therefore I will like to use this post to show you whether those techniques really works or not.

1) Enter On The Next Trade When The Price Hits The Bands


As can be seen from the picture above, you will get into these losing trades if you enter a CALL (HIGH) option after you see the price hitting the upper or lower bands of the Bollinger Bands.

2) Enter CALL (HIGH) Trade Continuously

There are some videos that tells the user to enter a CALL (HIGH) option continuously when the price hits the Lower Band and enter a PUT (LOW) option continuously when the price hits the Upper Band


4 wins and 4 loss

Assuming you enter $200 per trade and the payout is 80%, this is what you will get

Profits = $160 x 4 = $640

Losses = $200 x 4 = -$800

In total, you are losing $160 for these 8 trades.


1 win and 4 loss.

Assuming you enter $200 per trade and the payout is 80%, this is what you will get

Profits = $160 x 1 = $160

Losses = $200 x 4 = -$800

In total, you are losing $640 for these 8 trades.

So do you think that those strategies really work. In fact, some of my students lost their hard earned money on those strategies and that is why I decided to write this post to stop you guys from believing in it.

That is why I often encourage my readers and students to do some back testing on a strategy before they trade with their hard earned money. Trading binary option is not that tough but it is definitely not as simple as those techniques you have learned.

In fact, repulsion of Bollinger Bands really works but you have to know exactly when to trigger a trade in order to make money with this repulsion.

You will realize that not all repulsion works and the key is to identify which type of repulsion works. As the odds are against you in binary option trading due to the payout %, you must have strategy that gives you a very high winning percentage.

If you are not a student of my Binary option Mastery Course, then I will suggest that you spent sometime to formulate a good entry based on this Bollinger Bands indicator. Once you manage to find a good entry, you will be profitable in the end.

I have written a blog post to share with you Effective Binary Option Indicators that you can use to trade everyday. I understand that there are a lot of you guys who are trading without a proper strategy on hand and this is very risky.

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